This was made for Ludum Dare 38 Compo, with theme 'A Small World'.

What to do?

You go around helping the villagers by doing their quests! The villagers that need help are marked with a Red Arrow. Not only do get that awesome feeling for helping someone, but you also get shulls (currency).

What to do with shulls?

Walking a bit slow? Buy an upgrade in the shop! With Shulls you can buy and upgrade things! Awesome right? Anyways, you can buy a map to find the mysterous treasure hidden on the island or a spell to run faster!


You can only destroy trees and stones on the other side of the water!

Jumping into water or off the edge, results in death. Then you need to pay the hospital bill (30 shulls).

How to?

Same movement as in any other First Person game!

Walking around - WASD

Jump - Space

Look around - Move mouse

Swing your tool - Left mouse button

Pickup items - F

Open inventory - Tab

Trade with villager when stand close enough - E!

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